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Beauty Goes Beyond…

There is much beauty to be seen in our stores. Some customers seek AJ Marks’ hand-selected designer jewelry pieces to represent the highest caliber of style and up-to-date fashion. Others may elect for a custom piece that is ahead of its time. Both are offered at each AJ Marks Showroom, and rest assured, we have the perfect piece for you.

Of course, there are multiple types of expressions to give. Whether you’re searching for a classic or modern timepiece, fine estate jewelry, a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or ring for a special occasion, or an engagement ring or bridal set, all AJ Marks’ lines extend well beyond beauty. Click HERE to see/search our online inventory.

About the Pricing of the Jewelry in Our Showrooms

Our stones and materials come from many sources, and we custom make the majority of our pieces ourselves. We find that manufacturing our own goods negates the middleman and saves our customers money. Manufacturing ourselves also enables us to hand pick all mountings and gemstones, and enables us to keep a keen eye on quality control.

For instance, because we manufacture much of our own platinum bridal jewelry, we can sell platinum to our customers at less than what we would pay at a wholesale level to some of these nationally known designer bridal companies. There is definitely truth to the statement “paying for the name.”

Many of our suppliers are small companies out of New York, Boston and California. We find these small, not-nationally-known manufacturers can provide us the same quality as nationally-known designers at drastically lower costs. We will only carry designer lines if we feel the costs are in line with what they are ultimately offering the customer.

We do not mark our goods up to simply mark them down. We know our everyday prices are fair and competitive — we try to give our customers a solid price everyday. One must ask themselves if they see a piece of jewelry on sale at 60% or 70% off, “What is the regular price? What if you purchased the piece on a day it wasn’t on sale? Is the piece ever not on sale?”

Our philosophy is to not play pricing games with our customers.

Contact us at our Hyannis, MA jewelry store at (508) 775-6900 or our Wareham, MA location at (508) 759-1221, or simply stop by to shop and browse on tremendous selection of beautiful rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings!